6710 N. Kostner Avenue
Lincolnwood, IL 60712

CONTACT: Steve Panning, Owner & Editor


  Comprehensive Video Post-Production Services – 4K, UHD, 2K, HD & SD
  Creative Editorial, Conforming, Finishing and Broadcast Mastering
  Non-Linear Digital Color Grading / Color Correction
  HD & SD and File-Based Media Digitizing and Transfer
  HD-SD Downconversions, Upconversions, and Cross-Conversions
  NTSC/PAL Standard Conversions
  DCP Creation and Media Encoding
  Blu-ray Authoring and SD DVD Authoring
  Closed Captioning and Subtitling
  Video Production Services
  Post-Production Consulting
  HD & SD Player/Recorder Machine Rentals
  Experienced Staff, Competitive Rates, Convenient Location

Supported HD Tape Formats:  Sony HDCAM-SR, HDCAM
Supported SD Tape Formats:  Sony Digital Betacam, Beta SP, DVCAM

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